Health Law Essay

The greatest wealth is health

There are many ways to define the concept of health law which not only include the healthcare law delivery and financing but also covers all areas of study. According to the researchers, health care law focuses on the executive, legislative and judicial rules and regulations that oversee the entire healthcare industry. The industry comprises of public and private insurers, legislative, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, hospitals and its systems and the practitioners who handle patients. These entities function in a vast area of complex rules, laws, and regulations. This also reflects the complexity which offers courses to students. These courses focus on particular aspects of healthcare law such as abuse, fraud, drug and food law, healthcare acquisitions and mergers and medical malpractice.

Healthcare law

The student must have knowledge regarding rules and regulations of health law which involve federal, state or local law rules and regulations, legal issues concerning the healthcare delivery and services, provider’s regulations and the legal problems between payers and providers. This law has adopted a separate legal specialty by which attorney is certified and could hold out as a legal expert. There are also unique challenges that explain the health and figure out how health can be valued by the students. Although, there are emerging fields which explains the health challenges related to population growth and globalization.

The student needs to know that health law extends in diverse ways. It focuses on health-particular agreements, which identifies a wide array of laws that may not essentially focus on health such as intellectual property, human rights, laws governing trade and protection of the environment. International laws regarding health show that agreements among nation-states influence the global health law and governmental behavior. This demonstrates the understanding of obligation of non-governmental actors such as private individuals, corporations and non-profit organizations and their legal rights.


The health law also emphasis on international agreements which illustrate the impact on global health and shows the influence on the countries national and global laws. There is a complexity of the health threats which includes several courses for students. These courses help students understand the threats and unique policy and legal challenges present in the health law.

Generally, this field of law regulates into the public and health industry and follows the law that can influence the health care such as environmental law, bioethics and law, corporate and tax law, family law, administrative law, constitutional law, elder and juvenile law, social welfare and international law and intellectual property law. This kind of law is considered an interdisciplinary field that includes any law which impacts the individuals and public health. In health law, the student must know that there is wide range of strategies that might be employed to ensure the health and safety of people. This can be seen by using mechanisms that are very responsive to the context and provide a range of regulatory mechanism with the intention to achieve the desired behavior.