Importance of Teamwork in Nursing

In order to understand the real meaning of team, it is essential for health care to maintain the quality and efficiency of care delivery. This is essential to shares commencement of the work and for their implementation. For this, the team can be an instrument to facilitate care, due to which it is expected that performance and superior efficiency are to obtain the individual performance of the work. In nursing essays, teams are more sophisticated forms of work groups, because they have advantages whereas they also establish goals for collective work.

Work experience in team

Currently, nurses seem to notice the gap in practice every day, which indicates that the knowledge must be worked in a systematic way during the academic formation. The approach to the subject and practice in the training of nurses for collective work led us to develop the study in order to learn the scientific production of nursing regarding teamwork, trends, and prospects for their development. The role of the nurse in teamwork is evidenced, in relation to a multi-professional team and before the own nursing staff. In this sense, the organizational aspect was evidenced in some articles that highlight the importance of relationships, improving the working environment and more planning to interpersonal development and management of people.

Teamwork in nursing often has a more technical concept, in which the work of each professional area is perceived as a set of functions, tasks or activities. However, teamwork means connecting different work processes involved, based on the knowledge of the other’s work, highlighting its participation in the production of care, building consensus on the objectives and results to be achieved collectively. In healthcare, teamwork means sharing the planning and the division of tasks, collaborate and interact democratically integrating the different actors, knowledge, practices, needs, and interests.

Production of nurses

Teamwork can be seen as a process of inter-relationship between the workers and group processes. Group work is related to the way the work is perceived by its members. Some are there because they like others because they find a good job, others because it is a source of income, and so on. In a team, the skills and talents are individual, but when a management integration service production becomes more efficient and effective. The communication process must essentially be true that there is room for trust, respect, cooperation, and the pursuit of common objectives and goals. This theme is very relevant in the context of health organizations since their scientific production is still modest.

Thus, students need to understand that teamwork becomes a prerequisite for the integration of health actions, requiring the construction of social assistance project to meet quality needs of users. It is important to recognize that individuals choose not arbitrarily live or work together, but form new groupings before each situation that presents itself, and always bring their representations and previous experiences with them.

It is hoped that student contributes to the understanding of teamwork, in addition to improving quality of care through the individual and collective reflection on the topic in question and its reality in the everyday practice of professionals.