The Essential Responsibilities of the Care Service Provider towards Service Users

Nursing care

Nursing is the profession which requires devotion and time. One has to sacrifice his personal values and life in order to become a helping hand for the patients.

Duties of nurses:

Medical practitioner and nurses are connected and work together for the patient’s benefit. A nurse is available for 12 hours or more extending up to 24 hours if taken in private setups. Duties of nurses include sampling inwards for admitted patients, catheterization, Foleys placement and giving medications on time to the patients.

In tertiary care setups, the nursing staff is considered as a helping hand for young doctors and consultants. They have to be there in the morning rounds to provide basic handling work such as bandaging or dressing of the wounds. In meantime, they have to look after the ward. There are different postings according to the rotations such as ICU or emergency trauma or in other sub special wards.

Nursing care for bedridden patients:

There are many diseases which make a person bedridden such as some orthopedic conditions or some malignancies. Nursing care is much needed in such conditions to prevent from bed sores and to provide first-hand treatment to the sufferers.

If these patients are not under 24/7 supervision, they can face many problems and trauma due to non-availability and busy lifestyle of other family members as elucidated in many Nursing Essays as well. It is the duty of a nurse to change the clothing as well as to provide food according to the diet plan and to make a patient comfortable. These services are provided if they are hired on a home-based job.

Nursing care for disabled patients:

There are many diseases or trauma which lead to temporary or permanent disability such as the cerebral palsy child, accidents, limb amputations or poliomyelitis in severe cases. These patients require a medical help for exercises or physiotherapies which are advised by the practitioner. Nursing care is the basic need for such cases which can help in improved mobility of a limb and overall improved health of the patient. Some unique challenges came across due to development of the modern world and saving many disabled children, to face these challenges skilled nurses are required and they are less as compared to the sufferers in the UK nowadays. Reports declared that disabled children number can increase four folds in the next 20 years if pap smear and mammography is not practiced and people remain surrounded by obesity and tobacco abuse.

On the other hand, there are some communication difficulties faced by people having deaf and dumb in families. For such patients, availability of a nurse which can help to translate the feelings into words such as complaining of a headache or need of some special food item would ease their lives. A specially trained nurse is recommended for such responsibility. Same is the case with blinds, there are many schools nowadays which make them independent despite not having the most beautiful blessing of eyesight, but these people after reaching a certain age or others who are not facilitated with such opportunities cannot deal with these problems alone and require a nursing care.

Life is challenging for every individual but some are born to provide comfort and ease to the population and nurses are one of them. They help many patients in their recovery by providing the best care as per required in their profession.

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