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Creating a spot on argumentative essay is always a very challenging task, as proving your idea right in the mind of the reader is never an easy job. Argumentative essays require a lot descriptions and explanations, as the primary aspect of a well written argumentative essay is to make the reader believe that your idea is more convincing. Writing a good argumentative essay is almost like winning a battle, it requires a lot of research and practice and your essay should be based on facts. For that reason it is sometimes very difficult for students to produce a well-constructed argumentative essay, as at times they lack the knowledge to write about facts and figures, or maybe they lack the ability to write well. When it comes to writing a good argumentative essay it is very essential for students to have excellent English writing skills, so that they are able to communicate their idea in the best way possible and their arguments are well understood by the reader.

Approaches While Writing an Argumentative Essay

There are two broad approaches that are followed while writing an argumentative essay.

Call for Action

In this particular type of argumentative essay the writer makes the reader believe that there is a need of any particular action, and provides the proofs and evidence to support his idea.

Conflicting Position

This particular type of argumentative essay requires the writer to present his idea by accepting the need for action, but argue between multiple options to meet the need.

Despite these broad approaches argumentative essays can be designed according to the purpose and the topic that has been taken in to consideration. The main purpose of argumentative essays is to present a debate between two or more ideas, showcasing one idea better than the other.

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