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Assignments are always treated as the core of the academics because it is the most common technique that instructors use to gauge the students’ intellect level and understandings about the subjects. Assignments can also be used to enhance the intellect level of the students by giving them enough exposure to the practical world. It also helps students to discover their potential talent and also develop their latent interest in their desired area of working.

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Assignment Writing at English Essays

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Three steps to take:

Try following these three steps in analyzing the key words in title question or brief:

  1. First, look for the process word discuss, plan, review, evaluate, and so on. The sort of words (usually verbs) tells you how you must deal with the content of the assignment. Underline these key process words and check their meaning.
  2. Next, look for and underline the content words social class, leadership style, and so on. These words tell you what you must focus on in the assignment.
  3. Finally, read and write out the whole title question or brief, trying to establish precisely what you are being asked to do. What is the content area? What must you do with that content? What sort of structure, style and audience is indicated?