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Advantages and Disadvantages of Brown Rice

Some individuals think that brown rice is one of the kinds of rice and not some extraordinary oat culture. The dissimilarity between white and brown rice is just in the way it is created. Rice corn comprises a center (white shading) and a shell comprising of two layers the inside layer (brown) and the external […]

8 Essential Precautions from Alzheimer Disorder

Alzheimer’s disorder is a neurodegenerative disease, one of the most common forms of dementia in which brain cells die. This process is accompanied first by violations of cognitive functions, in the later stages by suppression of the functions of the whole organism. Quit smoking Smoking harms numerous organs, including the mind. Studies have demonstrated that […]

Ph.D. in chemical sciences

The line of research in Chemical Technology comprises of research activities for the development of chemical processes and research with the potential technological application. At present, chemical processes are theoretically studied by modelling and simulation using computational fluid dynamics techniques in equipment evaluation, such as the thermopile, and phenomena such as the gas dispersion. In […]