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When a writer composes a critical essay, he basically analyses a particular book, movie or an article. It is basically a review of any particular work that the writer can either appraise or give his negative analysis. While writing a critical essay, it is not only about giving your own ideas or thoughts, but also relying on the words of other authors who wrote about that particular topic before you. Undoubtedly to write an exceptional critical essay it is very important for the writer to have considerable knowledge about the source of material and he must also know the rules of creating a critical essay.

In a critical essay, writer can either positively agree with the work or he may totally disagree with it. But while writing a critical essay it is essential for the writer to be well aware of the topic that he has chosen, he must have all the facts and figures about it. For that reason it is very important to evaluate the work, and read other critical essays written by the writers in the past, so that the writer is well aware of others perspectives about it. There are several techniques one has to follow before writing a critical essay

  • Deciding the topic as soon as possible

Decide the topic at the earliest, so that you can begin your research, as it is very important to have all the information of the topic before writing.

  • Staying Focused

While looking for information, you need to look into wide areas of sources, but you also have to make sure that you do not get too much information that makes you lose focus, as staying focus is one of the essentials rules of writing a good critical essay.

  • Make Notes

Make your notes, and then follow those notes to create a draft which you can later on edit and proof read, to create a perfect critical essay.

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