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An Expository essay is the type of essay in which the writer is required to investigate a particular idea, collect, analyze and evaluate the supporting proofs, and then provide an argument regarding that proof very clearly and concisely. Expository essays are found being assigned as classroom evaluation tools and also have been seen in different examination formats

Things to Remember While Writing an Expository Essay

While creating the structure of the expository essay below are the things that should be followed.

  • A Well-defined Thesis Statement

Creating a well-defined thesis statement in the first paragraph of the expository essay is very important. The thesis statement must be clear and concise, if the student lacks the ability to master in this part it will be really difficult for him to write a top quality expository essay.

  • Well Structured and Focused 

While composing an expository essay it is very important to make sure that it is well structured. The writer must make sure that there are clear transitions between the introduction, body and the conclusion of the expository essay, otherwise the reader would not be able to understand the argument properly as the essay would lack focus.

  • Supporting With Evidence

One of the significant rules of writing an expository essay is that it must contain evidential support based on facts, logics or statistics. Often times it has been observed that when students are assigned these expository essays, they are short of time of doing proper research, for that reason they are not able to get the required evidential support.

  • Creative Writing Skills

To create an ever lasting impression through your expository essay, creative writing is the key. Creative writing can be very beneficial while writing these type of essays.

  • A Conclusion for everlasting impression

The writer needs a conclusion that can amaze the reader and can create an outstanding impression. Writer does not have to introduce any new information to the essay, but synthesize and conclude all the information that was mentioned in the body of the expository essay.

  • Five Paragraph Method

A widely used method to write the expository essay is the five paragraph method, but it does not mean that this is mandatory, as the writer can use other methods as well.

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Writing an expository essay can be very difficult for some students due to several reasons. Some students lack the knowledge to write these type of essays, because without knowledge it is impossible to give evidential support. The second reason is that some students lack the writing skills that are required to compose an expository essay. If the student does not have the writing skills, they essay would lack focus and the reader would have a lot of difficulties reading it.

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