Persuasive Essay Writing

In a persuasive essay the writer writes IN FAVOR OF or AGAINST a particular subject, and tries to convince the reader to believe or take an action on something. In a persuasive essay which is also called argument essay, the writer tries portray that a particular idea is better and more legitimate than the other idea, the writer does that by giving facts, logics and reasons. The name of persuasive essay is self-explanatory, which is an essay in which the writer tries to persuade the reader into believing in a particular point of view or to taking a particular action. In a well written persuasive essay, the writer uses solid proofs and reasoning by explaining facts and figures, using several examples and giving relevant quotes.

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Things to Remember While Writing a Persuasive Essay

There are several steps the writer must take while writing a persuasive essay.

Choosing the Position

While writing a persuasive essay the writer must choose his position and decide what issue or problem he is going to write about and what solution will he be offering. It’s very important for a well written persuasive essay to have a purpose.

Analyzing the Audience

Before the writer starts writing the persuasive essay, he must observe the audience. It is very important to recognize the reader, and to know whether the reader would agree, stay neutral or disagree with your position.

Research Your Topic and Gather Facts

It is impossible for the writer to persuade the reader, if he himself is not aware about the topic. A well written persuasive essay always provides convincing proofs and evidences to make the reader believe of what has been written. At times it is important for the writer to go beyond his experience and knowledge, as he must read, what others have written about the topic and might even have to take interviews from the experts.

A Proper Structure

Like any other essay, persuasive essay must also be well structured and focused. The writer must figure out all the evidences that he would use, and then identify the order how would present them. The writer must remember to consider the purpose, the reader and topic of the persuasive essay.

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