Writing a Reflection Essay

Reflection essay which is also known as reflective essay, is a process of self-analysis. In a reflective essay the writer tries to explore his personal thoughts, feelings and opinions about any particular topic that he is writing on, and how it emotional affects him. Critical thinking is one of the major requirements of writing a reflection essay, as it gives you an opportunity to think and analyze your own feelings, and due to this fact, for most of the writers it is the most enjoyable and the most free-flowing of all type of essays.

Some examples of topics of reflection essays are: a conversation when you became very angry, a time when you were disappointed or discouraged by something someone said, when someone showed you that they were proud of you, that moment when you knew you were in love, when you first met a new family member, the birth of a child, or the adoption of a child or sibling etc.

Reflective essay needs a Thesis

Unlike argumentative and expository essays, a reflection essay does not need any particular evidences or facts to support the writing, as it’s something about your own personal opinions of something that you have experienced that may be a crisis situation, news story or cultural event. But it should have a thesis statement that is arguable and splits into diverse topic areas through which you can make certain claims or introduce ideas to support and back your thesis.

A Thesis Needs Arguable Points

One has to explain why he has a certain point of view or opinion in the first place.” I love Shawshank Redemption” is surely an opinion, but in a reflection essay it must also include specific reasons for that. “I lover Shawshank Redemption because of the great story, climax, beautiful acting, characters and dialogues” works very well as it answers the “because” part of the question and expands the topic into several areas of reflection. Each of the area can now be explained by the author in each paragraph or section of a reflection essay.

Getting it on the paper

When the writer is clear about all the points in his mind, it is time to put it on the paper. The writer explores his own opinions and reasons of each point in separate paragraph or section. To explain in a better way the writer can also give examples of the story, why he thinks it is beautiful and different from others.  One thing that the writer must make sure is while writing a reflection essay, he has to keep the discussion clearly centered and focused on one point of the thesis per paragraph or section. Reflection essays, if not well organized, tend to lose great amount of marks.

Reflection Essays Are Skillful Fun

Reflection essay are one of the most enjoyable essay to write. As it gives you the opportunity to write about your feelings and thoughts about any particular topic, unlike argumentative and expository essays, a reflection essay does not need any particular evidences or facts to support the writing, as it’s something about your own personal opinions.

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