Terms & Conditions

Purchases of services by the Consumer (also referred to as “you” or “your”) through Englishessays.co.uk or their respective officers, directors, contractors, employees, representatives or agents (Known as”Englishessays.co.uk”, and also referred to as “us”, “we” or “our”) are governed by this Terms of Sale Contract (also referred to as “TSC”).

TSC is a legal contract between you, the Consumer and Englishessays.co.uk, or their respective officers, directors, contractors, employees, representatives or agents. You accept the terms of this TSC by making a purchase, placing an order, or otherwise shopping or browsing on Englishessays.co.uk. The terms and conditions of this TSC are subjected to change without prior notice.

Please go through with this TSC carefully before carrying out any purchase. If you do not wish to accept our TSC, please do not purchase any services from us. When you click on the “MAKE PAYMENT” or similar button on a secure payment page within our site or the site of our authorized billing provider, you agree to purchase the services indicated, using the information you have provided, certifying that this information is true and accurate and you further agree to complete the purchase in accordance with the terms and conditions included on any relevant screens, and in accordance with this TSC.

All the terms and conditions added in our agreement is just for the sole benefit of our clients.


All the content of  EnglishEssays including text, images, graphics, logos and software is the property of EnglishEssays. The trademark names we have utilized in our sites belongs to our company or its subsidiaries only and cannot be utilized for any other product or service that is not a part of our organization.

Contact Information

The contact information of our company is mentioned on our site. All the clients can contact us via telephone at +44 239 216 0221,  email support@englishessays.co.uk, live chat and submission of query form. Our customer support representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Secure Payment System

To order our writing service you have to strictly follow the steps provided by our organisation followed by a secured payment system that is paypal account. We are the registered company and a member of paypal account that is why there is no chance of fraud and scam.

Currency Accepted

Only the transaction in GBP pounds will be accepted that is why all clients are advised to strictly follow this term and make all transaction in GBP. To change the currency exchange rates are listed on our website or quotes via email. Clients must change the currency first and then make payments.

Email Confirmation

After you place an order with Englishessays.co.uk, you should receive an acknowledgment email usually within one hour to confirm that Paypal, our authorised retailer, has acknowledged your order on our behalf and is currently notifying us. The email will contain the details of your order, the itemized and total amounts that will be billed to your credit or debit card. As soon as we in our turn receive notification of your order we will process your order and take the appropriate action prior the delivery. We reserve the right to reject the order on this stage without giving any notice or reason for our decision to you, prior to the delivery of our products and / or services.

Electronic Transmission

All the services available at Englishessays.co.uk that are downloadable and / or delivered via Internet means are normally made available to the Consumer within minutes after a successful and authenticated transaction. For an active member we provide a dashboard system to know the status of your orders.

After your purchase has been authenticated, Englishessays.co.uk will provide electronic delivery of your purchased products via email containing the product as an attachment, sent to the email address you provided during checkout and the completed writing service will also be  uploaded on the dashboard of the client from where he/she can download easily and when it is uploaded on the dashboard an email with a link will also be sent to the client on his email address for direct downloading of the done writing service or any other academic paper. After the delivery of our services to the email address you provided during checkout you must send us the email confirming that you have received the product.

Site Modification Rights

The company reserves all the rights of making any modifications in the sites, policies and the condition of use at any time and the clients may not object because we reserve all the rights.

Not Responsible For Storing Documents

EnglishEssays does not assume any responsibility for storing or maintaining documents submitted to the clients. Once we deliver the document to the client it is the responsibility of a client to keep it safe and retain all unedited and written documents and correspondence with EnglishEssays. And whenever you want revision send your document again.

Revision Allowed

The writing service team at EnglishEssays put their best efforts in completing your Engineering Research Papers Help. Once you receive your work and feel your work is not consistent with your requirement, you can ask for revision of writing service anytime. Our dedicated writers provide unlimited revisions to complete your assignment. We simply believe in customer satisfaction that is why we offer this policy to finish writing service with customer`s given requirement. Send your document again with the comments to revise.

Refund Offer

If for some reason we are unable to write the paper, then you are entitled to get 100% money back. These reasons may include the unavailability of resources or the expertise. We offer refund but in very special cases like time delay and your last deadline is also passed to submit the Engineering Research Papers Help. We never offer refund on failure because we never guarantee grades. We strictly follow your guideline we do not know your tutor behavior. We tried our best that our customer must get good grades.

Easy access to our service

The services provided by Englishessays.co.uk are very simple to receive, access and use. Thus, all products are sold with the joint understanding that you possess a basic knowledge of computer systems and software functionality. No refunds for or services will be accepted due to your inability to understand and utilize the services because of a lack of knowledge of basic computer functions.

You May Accept

By downloading or purchasing any services from Englishessays.co.uk, you agree to be bound by these terms, conditions and requirements: The downloaded file(s) are provided to you AS IS. You accept all risks which may arise from the downloading of files, including but not limited to errors in transmission or corruption of existing data or software. You are solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of the data and equipment used in connection with any downloaded files, and Englishessays.co.uk will not be liable for any damages in connection with use of downloaded files. Englishessays.co.uk does not guarantee downloaded files nor provide any warranties whatsoever, implied or expressed, and without limitation, damages for loss of profits or business, data, goodwill, computer failure, or any other commercial losses or damages. In no event shall Englishessays.co.uk be liable for any indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages however they may arise, even if Englishessays.co.uk shall have been advised of the possibility of such potential loss or damage. We reserve the right to change the files at any time without prior notice.

Refusing Rights

We reserve the right to refuse to sell services to anyone for any reason, at our sole discretion. Refusal of any of our service will deliver a refund within 28 days of payment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with the best products and / or services, at the best price with the best support available on the Internet! If you are unsure of the content of any of our products and / or services, please Contact us at support@englishessays.co.uk or +44 239 216 0221 before purchase. We are happy to help you verify that you are purchasing the right services which will meet your needs. Englishessays.co.uk will attempt to resolve any problems or issues as quickly and easily as possible. We want to provide you with the best possible experience and we want your continued relationship with us.